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Organizing delivery to the warehouse
Loading, unloading
Pickup of orders
Distribution, delivery to customers
Accounting of reserves
Administrative and other services
We store cargos of various intended uses, selecting suitable warehousing conditions for them. The warehouses are not suitable for perishables.
Warehousing functions are performed using modern warehouse operations management systems.
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Transportation by road
The strategically convenient location of the warehouse is accessible to everyone. A convenient access road has been constructed and vehicles can be kept in an open lot where loads can be easily transferred from road vehicles to railroad cars. We are located almost at the same distance from Poland and Belarus, just a few kilometers from the A4 highway; therefore, the warehouses are always en route for carriers transporting cargo.
Transportation by rail
We have the best infrastructure for companies which transport cargos by rail. A railway access is a unique logistical advantage allowing easy access to each warehouse individually. We can expediently reload cargos from road vehicles to railroad cars and vice versa using special equipment if needed. Cargos will easily reach our country’s ports or those of neighbouring countries by railway.
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