About us

The first cargos arrived at our warehouses nearly 50 years ago, so we have accumulated extensive experience in this industry. We acquired a state capital company in 2010, modernized it and adapted it to the needs of modern business. We have premises of various sizes and purpose: 4 warehouses of 7,500 m2 specially divided into smaller 1,500 m2 sections accessible both by road and railway. The open cargo lot is especially convenient for transferring cargos from one type of transport to another or simply for storing trucks. We also offer 30 m2 garages, administrative and other domestic premises for rent. We focus on long-term warehousing services; therefore, we are always ready to offer the services desired by the customer.

Warehousing centre for the leaders in logistics

A partner which takes care of your business as if it were its own
Accessible both by road and railway
A reliable business which takes work seriously
En route to local and foreign markets